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We work closely with you to choose the perfect, authentic, fun New Orleans gift.

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Gift Boxes, Gift Bags & Welcome Baskets

A wine and snacks box is shown on top of the table.
Wine Special Box: red or white wine with pralines, a pouch of pecans and Zapp's Chips
A basket of beer and snacks is shown.
Beer Boxes: Set of 3 beers, Zapp's Chips, pralines, pecan pouch
A cup with a mask and some crackers in it
Champagne Special Box with Mardi Gras mask and Zapp's Chips
A tray of beauty products and accessories
Pamper Gift For Her: facial masks, hand masks, feet rub, lip scrub, facial spray, makeup remover, facial towel, body wash, funny / beautiful face mask
Starting @ $79 
A box of hair products and accessories
Pamper Gift For Him: body wash, body lotion, body scrub, shaving cream/mouse, razor, razor lotion, special body scrub brush, facial spray
Starting @ $79

New Orleans Welcome Bags, Baskets, or Boxes: Cafe du Monde beignet mix, jambalaya mix, fish fry spices, Zapp’s chips, hot sauce, Mardi Gras school special spices, Mardi Gras special pralines, pecans, turtles, Mardi Gras Mask, New Orleans Mardi Gras beads
Starting at $69

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We utilize our expertise and experience to optimally display the decorations and package ordered. We invite you to share your vision or send pictures as examples of what you’re looking for! Each and every guest room or hotel room layout is different, but we take your ideas and set a wonderful stage! 

Refund policy: Written notice 24 hours in advance. No refunds on special purchases for your package.

Your decoration is not scheduled on our calendar until we receive payment, no exceptions.
A confirmation email will be sent with additional questions and pointers to make the decoration happen, including method of payment.